Set It Off really set it off.

Being one of the first bands of the day performing at the 2013 Warped Tour, in San Antonio, the crowd wasn’t that awake at the beginning of the show.  Cody Carson, the lead singer of Set It Off, was not having that!  I’ve never seen a singer so excited and get his fans so pumped, they were easily putty in his hands. After the first two songs, everybody was surely awake, including some of the parents who had attended. Not being a “big” band, some people didn’t know their lyrics, but they sure attacked the man selling their CDs. After seeing them perform, I couldn’t help but to meet the band. Austin Kerr, the bass player, was friendlier than I expected, it was as if we’ve been friends for years. I was able to take pictures with all of the members, and it was hard to believe how down to earth they were. I went to their tent later that day, only to see them again! They were selling their own merch, and we got to talk some more. They even remembered my name, which I found amazing. A lot of people like to think that their favorite band cares about and loves their fans, but they don’t show it. Set It Off certainly does though. It was truly amazing to meet them, they’re great guys, and a great band. I tweeted, jokingly, about how much I loved the bass player, and Austin Kerr favorited it, which would make any fans day! I also got to talk to them more, at their signing, and we were still talking and joking around, it’s safe to say I’ll remember this day for a while. I highly recommend this band to anybody who has had music help them in any way, or are just plainly into heavier music. The lyrics are for you.' Ashley Barrick (1 Posts)

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