New Bill Proposed Named After Jay Z & Beyonce

Mo Money Mo Problems, right?  Well fortunately this won’t really affect the dynamic couple as much as it is more political bullsh*t than anything else.

So after Jay Z and Beyoncé’s trip to Cuba which caused mass hysteria and raised a lot of questions, a new bill has been proposed to congress suggesting a reinforcement of a current ruling that American citizens can only be allowed into Cuba for cultural, religious, research or educational purposes. “This is the Jay-Z, Beyoncé Bill,” Representative Jose Serrano says. Serrano a House of Appropriation Committee member (H.A.C) made the statement that Jay Z and Beyoncé’s trip should have been kept quiet. “Absolutely [it is a response to the trip], and it’s playing to the audience in Miami.” says Serrano. Serrano continues, “The mistake they made was being seen in public, by that I mean they being who they are walking down the street. What you’re seeing here is the result of a successful trip …is it educational for a superstar in our country to go to Cuba and say, ‘Look who we are?’”
Andrew Crenshaw, Subcommittee Chairman, jumped in stating the trip to Cuba “was an example of how the guidelines are not being enforced.” He goes on to say “I think that if we’re going to say that we have this policy in place that relates to travel in Cuba, that it ought to be enforced, and that becomes a grey area where they’re probably not really following the guidelines.”

This proposal makes no sense to me. Why should Jay & Bey or any other celebrity for that matter, hide themselves because they are people of status. Basically what Serrano is suggesting without directly saying it is that Jay Z and Beyoncé should have only been seen going into their car or their residency in Cuba. That the couple should deprive themselves of any activities or evening walks on their anniversary, in the fear of being seen by the public eye, sounds kind of stupid.

Jay Z responded to this bill on a track titled “Open Letter” from his critically acclaimed album Magna Carta Holy Grail. On the track Hov raps over luscious kicks and drums “I’m in Cuba, I love Cubans. This communist talk is so confusing. When it’s from China, the very mic that I’m using”.

More recently Jay Z and Beyoncé alongside with Justin Timberlake have been spotted at Woodwork, a bar in Prospect Heights Brooklyn, New York City. The trio went to unwind at the bar following Beyoncé’s concert at the Barclay’s center.

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